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Presentation "The power of the single case" - Individualized treatment of intellectual disabilities
Presentation "Riding the Tide" - Innovating the Diagnostic Approach to Treatable Intellectual Disabilities
Tide BC explained in 7 minutes during "Sam Sullivan's Public Salon" at the Vancouver Playhouse Theatre
A german language TV station based in Vancouver. The interview aired on june 12th 2011.

Important events connected to TIDE BC

TIDE related documents

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By Clara D.M. van Karnebeek & Sylvia Stockler published in "Molecular Genetics and Metabolism".
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Official announcement that TIDE BC was awarded the CAI funding
Newspaper article on TIDE BC
as featured in the Vancouver Sun edition May 16th 2011
Invitation to Launch App Treatable-ID.org november 10th 2011
Join us for the Launch party of the Web App Treatable-ID.org
Join the Rare Disease Foundation for their annual summer BBQ


TIDE-BC is the first Collaborative Area of Innovation funded through the BC Children's Hospital Foundation, Vancouver, Canada. To expand the project (inter-)nationally funding application is ongoing.

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Contact Information

TIDE BC / Biochemical Diseases Clinic
BC Children's Hospital
Rm K3-208, ACB
4480 Oak Street
Vancouver, B.C. V6H 3V4

Phone: 604-875-2628 (administrative)
Phone: 604-875-2880 (clinic)
FAX: 604-875-2349